Tropers / Momonga

Momonga, who takes her name from a type of squirrel, has been told she is a TV Tropes addict - by the very friends who introduced her to the site. She is a confirmed Cloudcuckoolander with an imagination more fertile than a whole warren of rabbits. Although she loves puns and wordplay, she has a tendency to take things literally, occasionally leading to Metaphorgotten. One of the most important things in fiction, to Momonga, is clever and enjoyable dialogue; this makes her a Joss Whedon fan. Because she often has to repress her inner Deadpan Snarker, she is fond of characters who don't. While she was originally a hard-core Grammar Nazi and wants to work as a copy editor, she has softened to the point of occasionally ending (verbal, never written) sentences with prepositions.

Momonga would like to take over the Internet and fill it with opera and flying squirrels, but finds the endeavour to be slow going. Some of her other goals include wearing enough glittery makeup to generate a Bishie Sparkle and taking a "world rodent tour" (going around the world with stops in many locations to view the adorable rodents who live there). She is the proud "mother" of two chinchillas. Her notable accomplishments include going up the down escalator and occasionally wearing a monocle.

Momonga enjoys talking to other tropers; whoever leaves the first comment on her discussion page gets a virtual fanfare (Momonga will play all the imaginary instruments herself).
  • This Troper would like to take her up on that...
    • That Troper was wondering if second place counts for anything.
      • Yeah, well That Troper did not actually say anything on that talk page. So there. * sticks tongue out *