Tropers / Miyam

Miyam Rucks is a high school aged troper who came across tv tropes in a desperate act of boredom, only to get entranced in a many hour long wiki-walk, eventually succumbing to temptation and becoming addicted to the site. Despite countless therapists and years of learning self-control, Miyam is still unable to go longer than a days without a hit of the drug that is troping.

Throughout his online life, Miyam has gone by many names, the least embarrassing of which include Sorin Adams, Twili Asedi, Fujimora Pantsu and Entaren Rune. The others are too horrendous and horrific to recount in a public forum. The name Miyam was created by use of a name randomizer, while the last name was a moronic reference to a character from the fantastic game Bastion.

Miyam only created a tv tropes account recently, after realizing that several of his favourite works had insubstantial or entirely blank pages. As the storm crashed around him, he vowed to rectify this, and avenge this great injustice on those poor tropers who had done his favourite works wrong! Or just do some editing, whatever.

Works that the Troper Miyam enjoys