{{Tropers/MistahFixIt}} is a man with no life; a child of the Nineties and perpetual inhabitant of the internet. Some say he's never actually felt the kiss of sunlight upon his skin, to which he cheerfully replies "One less cancer to worry about!"

{{Tropers/MistahFixIt}} follows internet trends, watches videos of [[TheNostalgiaCritic critics]] more [[TheSpoonyExperiment popular]] than [[AtopTheFourthWall him]], and occupies the remaining time with bad movies, video games, and DoctorWho re-runs. He's currently in the process of putting together some audio-video software so he can become the latest Youtube sensation.

TV Trope pages of Stuff I Like, in no particular order:
* TeamFortress2
* {{Ghostbusters}}
* Left4Dead and Left4Dead2
* RUSE (Ubisoft's WWII-style RTS)
* DoctorWho
* {{Firefly}} / {{Serenity}}
* DungeonsAndDragons ([[AC: [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Burn in the fiery depths of Hell, Fourth Edition!]] ]])
* {{Warhammer40000}}
* {{Borderlands}}

* Cool Internet People:
** [[ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Channel Awesome]] -- [[ShoutOut OH MY GOD DEEZ ARE]] [[BumReviews THE BEST MOVIE REVIEWS]] [[BeyondTheImpossible I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!]]
** [[TheAngryVideoGameNerd Cinemassacre]]
** Blistered Thumbs (Video games division of Channel Awesome)
* and of course, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife you guys.]]