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Tropers: Mikephisto
Okay, Before my name was posted in Main and since I don't know how to move a page (if its even possible) I'm going to copy it into the proper place (I think, If I mess this up, I'll get help) My User page is still under construction so don't expect much.

My username is the result of a tired me creating a youtube account one evening. I didn't know what to call my account when my Ipod began to play Sympathy for the Devil. In my sleep deprived mind I thought that "Mikephisto" was a great username because it was a pun on "Mephisto" and "Mike." despite it being a very narmy username, it stuck. Mostly because I couldn't find a catchier name.

  • From one Phisto to another, welcome!
    • Thank You!

I tend to lurk more than post, and often leave things incomplete, but I intend to (slowly) become a regular contributor to this Awesome, terrible, vocabulary ruining wiki.

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