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Tropers: Meta Skipper
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I just did! You expect me to do this by myself!? Sigh... fine.

This troper comes to read, not write, in most cases.

Do not expect this troper to work. He likes his procrastination and laziness very much. In fact, he is currently waiting for his fellow tropers to insert the appropriate links into this paragraph. he enjoys anime and video games, and they are the only things he is going to put effort into. In fact, he puts all his effort into them. And it shows (or, at least he likes to think).

He plans on starting a gaming variety channel on YouTube and one day. Until then, to the 8-to-4 grind!

He is so lazy, he is not even going to put up an applicable trope section for now....

Cue now.

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    Applicable Tropes. Yup. Too bad it's empty.... 

The following space is reserved for vandalism. If you at any point feel uncomfortablity, dizziness, headaches, or looming death, stop vandalizing and see a doctor immediately. Meta Skipper is not liable for any injuries received, physical, mental, or spiritual, while vandalizing.

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