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Meocross's Appearance

A person with eyes as cold as steel, this individual dislikes company, she would rather read in solitude than squabble in a noisy environment. A girl who came from a troubled bloodline she rarely ever visits her family, or what was left of it. Meocross is a skilled mage dealing in various kinds of magic, she doesn't use magic as her only source of combat, she also deals in Martial arts with the company of her dual swords, this helps her balance the fatigue that she endures with spellcasting. At 16 years old she usually spends her time traveling, her most favorite food is Coalcake sometimes resulting to ridiculous means to get it.

With heavy past behind her she eventually moved forward, picked up from a mysterious organization at a small age, she began to learn the art of Sorcery and Combat she is usually sent out on missions in order to achieve a new ranking with each new ranking came with more benefits.

One day while on a Assignment in the Watery slopes of Mount Fuji, she spots what seems to be a shadowy figure in the distance, she steadily heads in the direction of the figure and comes to find what seems to be a boy lying next to a tree, she checks for a pulse which comes back negative then she is suddenly caught of guard when the boy begins to move, regaining her stance, she asks what the boys name is, he is unstable to answer saying his name is too long for him to recall, "just call me Wakaru" he says.

Meo asks him where he lives Wakaru says he was staying at a inn but that inn was soon raided by some crazy gunman shooting bullets everywhere searching for a criminal, in the chaos he barely managed to escape he said, suddenly he grits his teeth as he grips his shoulder from the pain of an open wound, Meo takes him back to the HQ for treatment.

Wakaru's Appearance

A energetic 17 year old who loves to pull pranks, despite his shaky past he has a friendly attitude, his favorite instrument is the flute, he also likes extremely spicy chili that could melt glass, due to his childhood he has had to spend most of his time in a church because of his appearance people distance themselves from him, during his stay a particular nun seemed to have a bone to pick with him, and wasted no opportunity to cause him grief as much as she could often turning the other children against him, over time he came to hate the church and the nun who occupied it.

One day he ran away from the church and wandered into a large city, with no job or pocket change he had to resort to thievery to get by, overtime due to many complains the city's guards where on the lookout for him, he evaded to guards for many months with numerous pranks and tactics, soon he had a bounty on his head that would make even vash stampede envious, after awhile the guard chase got too much for Wakaru he fled out of town with the guards close behind him yelling at him furiously, he went to another village and took on a job at a tailor delivering packages around town, after getting his paycheck he went to lounge at a nearby inn and rented a room to rest.

A few hours later Wakaru woke up to a hellfire of bullets rick-rocketing in every direction he went down stairs and peeked over the corner to see a bearded man strolling into the inn with a gun demanding the where bout's of a escaped convict the bartender of the inn was struck with fear he could barely speak and didnt know what the madman was talking about, the gunman brought out a paper and slammed it on the table "im Demand'n to know where this fugitive is!" shouted the gunman.

Wakaru leaned closer to see what was on the paper and froze still, it was Wakaru's face! the bartender looked at the picture and recognized the face the bartender responded "H-Hes up the st-tairs!!!" the bartender said pointing towards the staircase, Wakaru face turned pale he quickly retreated to his room, he could hear the footsteps getting closer, he took the shelf of a drawer then hid behind the door as the gunman entered the room he charged and slammed the shelf on the gunman's head, Wakaru quickly escapes the room the gunman shoots as Wakaru leaves the door, Wakaru whelps as a bullet catches him on the shoulder, he quickly rushes down the stairs and out the inn he wonders deep into the forest then comes to lay on a tree.

After a few hours of rest he slowly wakes up to find a someone looking at him, panicked for a few seconds he calms down when he notices shes not the gunman, she takes him back to her refuge for treatment.

Meo arrives back at the HQ dragging Wakaru to the nurses office treatment as they entering the HQ many residents watch from afar as they witness Meo drag a outsider past the hallways, Meo kicks the nurses office open then walks in, Wakaru soon stumbles unto a nearby bed "yaaa sorry for all the trouble really" replies Wakaru as he scratches his head, "dont mind, beats boring erra-" a nurse swoops by Meo as she rushes to Wakaru's side checking his condition, Wakaru bids Meo farewell as she leaves the infirmary, as soon as she steps out the waves of gossip seemly spreading like wild fire as she notices several people whispering like flies all over the place she ignores them and heads back into the vicinity of her room.

After a awhile Meo leaves the room and heads near the riverbank strolling along the riverside, she looks up and sees what seems to be Wakaru heading towards her from a distance "AOHY!" yells Wakaru waving his hands in the air as he gradually comes to a stop.

"I just got released im feeling like a million bucks!" Wakaru attempts to do a muscle pose only to fail miserably, Meo unknowingly breaks a smile, Wakaru notices causing Meo force the smile off. "Nehaha by the way i never got your name" ponders Wakaru, "oh yeah. my name is Meocross" she replies, "Strange name ya got there gal Well it looks like ill—" suddenly a strong gust of wind takes Wakaru by surprise, causing him to loose grip of his scarf "What is that?" Meo says as she notices a metal like substance impeded around Wakaru's neck, "N-Nothing Really" as Wakaru swiftly puts the scarf back on.

Meo looks Wakaru straight in the eyes and says "Who are you" Wakaru grips his hands in defeat he starts by explaining long ago about how he got into a fatal accident "They said i was pretty much doomed, the only away they could give me a fighting chance is if i was installed with artificial parts, the chances where still slim" Wakaru shows her his shoulder, nothing more than metal stood where flesh and bones once were, all the way to his legs.

"Should you not be getting home im sure your parents would-" as Meo almost finishes her sentence Wakaru nod's his head sideways responding with a "I was adopted to a church never really knew my parents" Meo drops her head low in despair, Wakaru nervously waves his hands saying "No no! it doesn't bother me really!" trying to cheer her up, "Want to live at my place? the food is not much but is enough to get by" Meo says, Wakaru shakes his head saying "I couldn't possibly barg-" a loud grumble echoes from Wakaru's stomach, Meo sigh's "I got some rice curry in the room" says Meo, as she walks back to the HQ Wakaru following after her as he scratches his head in embarrassment.

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