Tropers / Mei You Mayo

I'm a whole bunch of things. My main fandoms are Les MisÚrables (I was in it and I'm still not over it), Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Disney Animated Canon. I also like to sing a lot, and by a lot I mean constantly (I have more than once been a part of or the initiator of a Crowd Song). I am also a cast member in a shadow cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show as Trixie/Rocky. I'm currently pursuing a degree in East Asian Studies and plan to write my thesis on the Dragon Lady in Chinese historiography and popular culture by comparing three women who rose to power in Chinese politics: Tang Dynasty Empress Wu Zetian (the only woman to carry the title of Huangdi), Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi, and Jiang Qing, a former actress who became Mao Zedong's wife and a powerful force in the Chinese Communist Party. I'm still fairly new to TV Tropes, so feel free to rip on me for being a n00b.