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"Ain't that a kick in the head."
— A fella.

Maxwell Daring is a troper who has known about TV Tropes since early 2012 and became an active member of the community in late February of 2013. Notable for occasionally forgetting to be sane on the forums and believing administrators are deities. For the most part, he only contributes by patching up errors in format and code.

Also, his mom runs a pirate clothing business. You should check it out.

What He Wants You To Think.

Maxwell Daring is a trans-dimensional mercenary and a great writer who may of may not have existed since there was an Omniverse and/or be a Mad God in exile. His full title is Maxwell Daring, Sky Captain of the Wingmen Mercenary Corps, acquired during his service with the Wingmen. His only power source is tea, he glues gears onto all of his possessions despite their lack of purpose, and knows for a fact that reality isn't real. Currently he is the only force keeping TVTropes from destruction and is also a great writer.

And whatever you do, do not mention the Incident in Prague. Trust this troper.


Tropes Associated With Maxwell Daring (WIP):

Vandalize Here.

  • It's always good to be the first one! Bem-vindo ("Welcome")! - Quag15
  • Greetings Mr. Daring. We've been waiting for you. - Superkim111
  • As per thread requests, you have been granted one (1) vandalism. Enjoy your day. -The Mike
  • Hello, person I don't know very well. You have been vandalized. -Murky Muse
  • Your avatar reminds me of the monster from the movie with a movie Hogarth was watching in The Iron Giant, but I don't think it is. - Alma
  • Hello, sir. — Boxen
  • Ain't that a hole in the boat? —a sailor

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