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Well, Maxmordon is a 22 years old Venezuela who studies Social Communications and enjoys mostly cinema and literature, though he mostly loves the films by Stanley Kubrick and Terry Gilliam, is not odd to him to enjoy films that would be considered Le Film Artistique or B Movies (El Topo and Forbidden Zone) comes to mind, but his heart have a soft spot for Humphrey Bogart and wierd films that were so bad that never make it to Mystery Science Theater 3000 (A show he religiously adores).

He enjoys reading pretty much anything, his favorite writer is Jorge Luis Borges, also LOVES Terry Pratchett and Umberto Eco. He pretty much enjoy reading fantasy books and historical novels.

He speaks Spanish, English and some French, wishes to learn Italian, German and Portuguese but what he really loves is telling a story, he loves writing and is always thinking what to add in his stories, his dream is to become a succesful writer someday.

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