MasterGhandalf is a grad school-age American troper and, as his name suggests, a fan of JRRTolkien ever since reading ''TheHobbit'' in third grade. He remains a hardcore fan of HighFantasy to this day, and to a somewhat lesser extent of other forms of FantasyLiterature, ScienceFiction, and the superhero genre (TeenTitans is his official GuiltyPleasure). He hopes to be a published author someday (his only current novel is self-published and only available directly from the author, and therefore does not count).

MasterGhandalf created the following entries:
** TheWarOfTheFlowers
** TheSagaOfTheNobleDead
** TheDeathGateCycle
** Characters/TheSilmarillion Character Sheet
** {{Characters/Mistborn}} Character Sheet
** TheChildrenOfHurin
** LukeSkywalkerAndTheShadowsOfMindor
** CounselorsAndKings
** KingpriestTrilogy
** Characters/ChroniclesOfThomasCovenant Character Sheet
** Literature/BrimstoneAngels

He started the YKTTW and/or launched the following tropes:
** BiggerBad
** TheCorrupter
** EvilFormerFriend
** PuppetKing
** MasterRace
** CourtMage
** CoDragons
** PredecessorVillain
** VillainTakesAnInterest

He is also the author of:
** FanFic/AzulaTrilogy
** FanFic/TeenTitansSaga
** FanFic/TheFallOfTheFireEmpire
** FanFic/IWarrior

He is a fan of:
** TheLordOfTheRings
** StarWars
** AvatarTheLastAirbender
** BrandonSanderson's multiverse
** TheWheelOfTime
** PiratesOfTheCaribbean
** {{Dragonlance}} and to a lesser extent ForgottenRealms and {{Eberron}}
** {{Warcraft}} and {{Starcraft}}
** HarryPotter
** TheChroniclesOfNarnia, without which he would not have his love of fantasy
** CodexAlera and TheDresdenFiles
** CiaphasCain
** TheDarkKnightSaga
** SpiderMan in all media
** TeenTitans
** TheDCAU
** {{Gargoyles}}