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Tropers: Marston
Hello there fellow troper! Welcome to my page! You've come to the right place, as here at my page we have zombies, robots, monsters, pony's- All right, I'll cut the crap. Theirs nothing particularly special about me, I'm just an average newbie who actually discovered this site 3 years ago but didn't make an account until a few months ago. You can go back to doing something fun now.

Wait, your still here? Wow.

So anyway, I decided to get an account because I wanted to edit somethings, and because I like some of the Threads this site has. Of course, when I tried editing, I failed, so now I just kinda lurk around and talk about thing's I like, and sometimes I get in debates over certain articles.

So, um, feel free to comment I guess. Don't know why you would waste your time with me when you could be doing something fun, but whatever keeps you entertained I suppose. Have fun?

  • Hey! It's good to see you've joined the BLU team! Rock on, brony! - Karl Kadaver
  • Oh, don't think you are so mundane now Marston! I am sure you'll find something that makes you wonderful! We're in a similar situation.NES

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