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"Oh my God, I can categorize myself in TV Tropes? Sweet!"
"Hey, shut up! I'm a pretty interesting guy...right?"
"Y'know, for a conscience, you're a real pain in the neck."
Yeah, well it's the truth since you are writing this to get known. Problem?
"Shut up."
You have better things to do with your nights, SLEEP? You should go to bed. And for that matter,so should you!
"Ugh...I can't catch a break...."
Trope Namer (Real name: I ain't tellin' you nothin! But Marox is not my real name), having a usual argument with his personified conscience. Just one that he has, with three other personas.

An artist who just wants to be recognized (He has the talent. The drive? Not so much...) spends his days making amends with his past, battling demons, and fawning over adorable rainbow-colored equines. Though a bit of a jerk early in his life, it took some serious Defeat Equals Friendship and a huge Heel–Face Turn to set him right. He now has a brighter outlook on life: to be less of a JerkAss and more of a friend. Because while it's easy to be a meanie-pants, it's better to share some kindness.

This is what happens when you give a gleeful little Cloudcuckoolander, Jerk Witha Heart Of Gold the power to trope things. (Including himself.) Though, he usually does think of his life as a TV show or a Video Game, so naturally, he'd fit in here.

He now edits tropes For the Lulz, and to also correct the lack of Crash Bandicoot and exploding burritos here.

Currently, his shownote  has has 19 seasons with multiple arcs:

  • Beginnings arc (Seasons 1-5): Introduces the main character and his universe.
  • New School arc (Seasons 6-12): The next arc, featuring his new Fire-Forged Friends Afom and Kaleele, and introduced the series first Big Bad Derrick.
  • Bethune Middle arc (Seasons 12-15): Notable for the show taking a Darker and Edgier tone than the two previous arcs, it introduced more mature characters and themes, a bigger villan in Alex, and Marox himself going from The Messiah to a Jerk Ass. Word of God says this is his least favorite story arc.
  • Meeting Destiny filler arc (Seasons 15-17): after doing so much damage in the previous arc, Marox was sent to a charter school to redeem himself. featured a huge Ensemble Darkhorse cast (rotating constantly) and was generally more Lighter and Softer than the previous arc. Word of God says its his favorite.
  • Loose Ends arc (Seasons 17-18): Picking up after the Meeting Destiny filler arc, and closing the events of Bethune Middle arc, hence the title, this brings us a new Marox less angsty more determined and a LOT more scatterbrained. Introduces fan favorites "Brown brothers" Domonique and Denzel, also Charles.
  • New Life arc (Seasons 18-present): With school finished, Marox now faces new challenges (like job-hunting) all in pursuit of his goal: to be a famous video-game designer.

Has his own Deviantart page.

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