Tropers / Mao

Through the eyes of madness we shall see no evil. That is a philosophy of mine, and connects well with most everything. Often called both a sadistic bitch and bringer of sunshine and Twinkies, I am known for my equal levels of love and insanity.

A tiny bit of a writer with smaller ambitions, I stand tall in my views of self sufficiency and generosity...and the occasional sociopathic rampage

Feel Free to Edit in Any Comments, Additional Tropes, etc that you think are appropriate or something I would find amusing ^^

  • Perverse Sexual Lust: So many to count, but my heart is set on C.C. Very unhealthy I know
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Very few things scare me, and so very much of it is attractive to me
  • Creepy Sexy: Apparently to many to count. Most obvious is my tongue, which I can touch the bottom of my chin with. Odd yes but its fun to scare the kids with
  • I Kiss Your Hand: Generally what I do to introduce myself to others, mostly girls though.
  • Chaotic EVIL: I use a baby as a shield ONE TIME...
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Beef Jerky. delicious stuff, that
  • Dark Action Hero: Essentially how others portray me to others, Mostly in others writings and sometimes their group drawings
  • Foot Focus: I like Feet, leave me alone >.<

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