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I am, indeed, both a mama and a nerd.

I'm Victoria or Vicki, 24 years old, living in New Hampshire and currently a retail drone at the local Target. I'm married to a literally HUGE nerd named Gary, and together we have a four-year-old Nerdling named Nicholas. (Gary is One of Us now; there are some who call him... Tim er, Lord_Fenric. Our assimilation is nearly complete.)

I was a military brat growing up, and then tried joining the Army- that didn't work out as planned, and there was a good year where I worked odd jobs and then quite cheerfully went crazy. Turned out I had bipolar disorder, compounded by some past demons I had never addressed until that point... so the moral of my story is get therapy if you need it, kiddos. Anyway, I can't decide on a college major but do hope to go back early next year... currently leaning towards education; we'll see.

Okay, enough of the serious stuff. Trope time!




To Be Read/Watched- General

I'm not huge on Video Games, but I have played a few and thoroughly enjoy Team Fortress 2, Halo, Portal, and Left 4 Dead (Both 1 and 2), so they should be mentioned here too. (Oh, and Destroy All Humans! is very stress-relieving after a long day of customer service, hahahahaha...)

I've only been a proper Anime fan for a little over a month (as of 8/3/10), but have done some serious Archive Binge during this time. Thus, I feel it warrants two lists:


Long story short, This Very Wiki got me addicted. My former messy list has now been replaced with a sleek, fashionable My Anime List, viewable here. I will happily take any and all suggestions for anime/manga to watch/read... Educate me, fellow tropers!

Please leave graffiti after the tone. * BEEP*

  • Hmph. Stupid graffiti wall. I am not vandalizing you b-because I like you or anything. * blush* S-so don't get the wrong idea. Got that? — jcruz
    • (Puts on George Takei impression) OOOH, MY... ;)
  • It's refreshing to see someone admit that they're a nerd. Some people are ashamed of it, but you wear it as a badge of pride. Good job, Mamanerd. ~ Aliroz The Confused.
    • Thanks! This is awesome to hear, I feel like I'm part of the Nerd Liberation Front... I still catch myself using "nerd" disparagingly, especially at work, so this is a nice self-esteem boost. :D
      • (The N.L.F. really needs to exist, come to think of it... it should have branches in every high school. Joss Whedon will write the curriculum for the tolerance classes; and there will be bake sales,where there will be cake. That is all.)
  • Why, hello there, dear. My, what an interesting trope page you have here...I guess I shall have to come and CONQUER IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA...ooh, wait, realized that your husband conquering your page may have some Unfortunate Implications, If You Know What I Mean...Ah well, whatever, love you, leave you to your troping...Lord_Fenric :)
    • Is it getting hot on this contributor page, or is it just me? ;) Love ya too!
  • Way cool profile, mamanerd. —Morven
  • I recommend the Useful Notes. You'll be educated and at the same time read silliness! (How do we do it? I have no idea...) - Amused Troper Guy