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"You aren't by any chance Lurkerbunny, are you?" - Skip Hinnant

Yeah, this is pretty much what's on my mind the majority of the time.

Hi, I'm Lurkerbunny. You may have seen my name elsewhere on the internet. Maybe not. Maybe I just have a big ego. Anyway, I watch too much TV, so I think I'm able to add good stuff to this wiki.

I am an aspiring stand up comedian, my idol is Robin Williams (although you probably guessed from all the Entry Pimping. I've met him five times already (Squee!! Especially for the most recent time!). I also interviewed The Electric Company's Skip Hinnant over the phone, and also had fan letter correspondence with The Master himself (well, one anyway), Anthony Ainley. Sorry if I'm bragging... but I can't help it!

I know my Robin Williams obsession can get annoying, but please try and understand that if it weren't for him, I'd probably still be having a nervous breakdown. I'm serious. I do have a crush on him, and it may freak you out but I am who I am, and I happen to prefer funnymen to cute teen idol heartthrobs (well, he actually was one of those once!).

Also, as much as I'd like to be, I am NOT Robin Williams! Please stop speculating, it's not funny anymore, but actually upsetting. For god's sake, I've got YouTube videos of myself!

Also, lately my very existence seems to piss people off on this wiki due to my Entry Pimping, my challenging of the term "Nostalgia Filter" (I LOVED MY CHILDHOOD, IS THAT SO WRONG?), and my habit of jumping to conclusions. I try and apologize and explain my position on such matters, but for those of you pissed at me despite that... Very well, I'm a punk... A crotunculous shnunk.

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