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So I exist, hello everyone, you my call me Kat. I'm new here so don't mind me if I seem a bit off at first, I'll get used to everyone in no time.

So things about me: I like anime/manga and video games. I like to draw (not in the anime style. So many bad art habbits), I'm really not one to judge, I can talk about anything, I'm good with advice, I soulbond (I don't ever have to talk to you about it though unless you want me to.), I am 19 years old, I have a boyfriend whom I've been with for 4 years now, and that seems to be about it.

Tropes I see myself in:
  • Because I'm Lunyka: Well mainly because My username is that of one of my characters even though I'm not actually that character.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: My ideas may not make sense to you at the time but they do somehow manage to work out in the end.
  • Facepalm: I do this a lot if people give me a reason to. I did this before it became an internet funny but I actually don't type it out because it is stupid to do so.
  • Oh you are supposed to read this?: If I handwrite something at you, don't expect to be able to read it because I can tell you now that you won't be able to.
  • Loophole Abuse: even if you can't find a loophole, I will. I always do.
  • Perfect Health: I very rarely ever get sick.
  • Someday This Will Come in Handy: I am the queen of useless information, also If I find something interesting or seemingly useful I will take it but eventually it just gets thrown away anyway.
  • I win because you didn't: I use this with the fact that I make so much backasswards logic that it tends to make sense and you cannot argue against it because it somehow ends up being right.
  • Art Initiates Life: Most of my soulbonds are my OCs.
  • Duct Tape for Everything: I make things out of duct tape. It is very useful.
  • Gravity Sucks: I wish I could fly and never have to drive a car again.

Tropes others see me in:

Things I like: Will edit