Tropers: Lunar Dance

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Wild USAGI appeared!

Lunar Dance, more commonly known around the internets as Usagi, is a 27-year-old Troperette living in Texas. She has only recently joined the massive legion of Tropers, and yet, she has already fallen victim to the same thing that more experienced Tropers tend to bemoan.

She has several other domiciles on the internet, which may be of more interest to you. She is fairly active on deviantART, has the occasional blatherings on Tumblr, and she has quite the penchant for writing fanfiction. As of recently, however, she's been dabbling in Let's Play - those can be found on her YouTube. She's also quite active on Gaia Online.

Not that she expects anyone to care, but it's there if you're curious.

Characteristics of a wild Usagi:

This troper displays examples of:

The wild Usagi is a fan of:

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... So yeah.