First and formost: Name comes from the name of my old DnD character. Who happened to be a Werewolf Lord.

I'm a first year acting student. I plan on becoming a voice actor one day. One day, there will be a series. That series will have a page on TV Tropes. One trope will be [[HeyItsThatVoice Hey It's That Voice]]. Under that trope will be "[[LordArkea (LordArkea's Real Name)]] As This Character." And at that point, my life will be complete.

I know some (Read: Barely enough to hold a short conversation) Japanese. As in, I can stop at a gas station and ask "Shibuya wa doko ni arimasu ka." and then be told directions to Shibuya. Hopefully. At the worst, I can weird some japanese people out by walking up to them and saying "Ore wa suika ga daisuki desu!" randomly and running away gleefully giggling to myself. Translate that for yourself.

Discovered TV Tropes about a year ago. Now it has [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Completely ruined me.]] I think in Tropes. I refer to things in Trope Terms. I made one of my friends a Troper. Mind you, great good has come from this. I have discovered the wonder that is [[VisualNovel Visual Novels]]! From there, I have discovered a multitude of wonderous anime series for my viewing pleasure! I discovered [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Distilled]] [[{{Diebuster}} Badassery]]! The world of pop culture has been opened up to me!

But here I am, clicking away at links and opening fifty billion tabs. Oh yeah.

Also, every time I hear the words "[[MyImmortal Authors Note]]," I die a little on the inside

(This section under construction)

How can this dude be described?

'''By Himself'''
* ChivalrousPervert
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome (To elaborate, I had to sing a song from the Broadway musical of Jekyll and Hyde as part of my course. After performing it, I was then told that I kicked the Broadway version of the song in the ass. The song was Confrontation, for those curious.)
* DeadpanSnarker
* PhenotypeStereotype Blonde hair, Blue eyed and part German.
* SplitPersonality
* {{Tsundere}} Type A around friends, type B around people I don't know.
* MasochismTango for no other reason than because I love the song.
* WeaksauceWeakness The second the snow melts and Winter becomes Spring, I become a sneezing wreck and can barely function. That's right: I'm allergic to SPRING.

'''By Others'''
Feel free to add stuff here.

What does this dude like?
* Anime! Manga! And Lots of it!
** [[EurekaSeven Eureka Seven]], which is my favorite anime of all time past the first 20 episodes.
** [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Gurren Lagann]]
** DaCapo
** ElfenLied
** GundamSeed
** FullmetalAlchemist
** CowboyBebop
** {{Chobits}}
** CardcaptorSakura
** Did I mention EurekaSeven and just how amazing it is? Yes? Well awesome, I'll mention it again!
** NeonGenesisEvangelion Which, despite the fact that it's one of the most effed up and depressing series of all time, is still pretty damn good some 13 years after it's initial release. If only because it spawned some kickass fanfics. Fanfics LIKE:
*** The Second Try which, near the end, is one long CrowningMomentofHeartwarming
*** [[FanFic/NobodyDies Nobody Dies]] which is Evangelion, just add CrazyAwesome.
** TheMikosWordsAndTheWitchesIncantations
** [[{{Baccano}} Baccano!]]
* Video games! {{RPG}}s, Mostly! I look at {{RPG}}s and feel the need to bend them to my will.
** StarOceanSecondEvolution Best. Game. EVER. In my opinion.
** CaveStory
** FinalFantasy Any of them, really. Besides [[NintendoHard 5]], [[{{Wangst}} 8]], and [[ScrappyMechanic 12]].
** MetalGearSolid My favorite game series of all time. I can watch the scene from the first game where [[spoiler:Sniper Wolf Dies]] And still bawl my eyes out. I will always love this series.
** SuperMarioBros
** AdventRising and I regret NOTHING. That game was AWESOME and Underappreciated.
** {{Halo}}
** ChzoMythos
** Did Tim Schafer make it? Then yes, yes I do like it.
* [[VisualNovel Visual Novels]] Ecchi is not looked for, but welcomed with open arms. Specifically:
** [[FateStayNight Fate/Stay Night]]
** {{Tsukihime}}
** DaCapo
** {{Narcissu}}
*** It is at this point that I realize that I apparently like things that yank on my heartstrings a little too much. Da Capo? Elfen Lied? ''Fate/Stay Night?'' Hell, I barely started playing Narcissu, and I had to stop.
** KatawaShoujo
** SonoHanabiraNiKuchizukeWo (... Don't look at me like that)