Tropers / Long Gunner 15

Just another geek from Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently a teenage high school student whose life is slowly being swallowed up by This Very Wiki, Long Gunner lives for three things: guns, sci-fi, and friends. A competitive shooter and proud owner of an Ithaca 37 and a Mosin Nagant (Steve and Vasily, respectively), an impressive collection of katanas, Broadswords and smaller blades as well as a beagle/tarrier/pitbull named Einstein (a 60 lb. hunk of muscle that thinks it's a lapdog). Practicing Protestant Christian.

Conservative economically and politically, Liberal socially, and planning on joining the Army when out of high school.

A huge fan of Doctor Who, War Hammer 40000, Star Wars, Star Trek, and any Zombie Apocalypse fiction not written by Max Brooks.

on the various debates:

Gay Marriage: for

the War on Terror: for

Abortion: pro-life

AR-15 vs. AK-47: AR-15

Coke vs. Pepsi: pepsi