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I'm a 16 year old female ginger from Southwest Canada. I love to play video games and surf this website and other stuff. I also love animals. I've been here for about a year now. I stay because I feel at home here. Since this is the first forum I lingered at for more than a month.

I also don't mind getting Pm's for some reason.

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  • I see. The first one here. Ah well. I think you need a song!
Hello there, dear troper friend,
It's nice to see you here,
Another one to add to the site,
Another one is dear,
I hope this expresses what I shall convey,
I'm sure that we can be friends, until other days, - Inhopelessguy

  • Another Filipino? Or just a Filipino speaker? ~ Liberated Liberater
    • No, I just looked up how to say"hi" in Tagalog. There are plenty of Filipinos on my street, though.- Lolacat.

  • thanks for the totally appropriate gush ~ Commander Obvious
    • You're welcome.-Lolacat

  • Oh my Light Gaia, you're a Professor Layton fan too? 8-D ~Enzeru
    • My mom plays it more than me. But she doesn't have much time to play it. I'm not much of a DS gamer but those games have so much charm!-Lolacat

  • I just go around vandalizing other troper's pages cause that's how I roll - Silveratus

  • Hey there. Now, VANDALISM! ~Shadow Bender

  • I'm not entirely sure why I haven't hit up this lovely troper page before, but I have now. Woohoo! —Tre
    • Strange, I expected you to have vandalized this page when I clicked on it. But hi, Tre!

  • First I troped you and now I vandalize you...NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED -Voids Empathy

  • *gasp* Every song you have on here are songs I LOVE! Even though there's only four... -Cheese Toast

  • The faeries were here. Stealing your maple leaves. - Stolen By Faeries

  • It's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world except for Lola, Lo-lo-lo-lo-lola! - Boolean Earth
    • I named my cat after that song. I am named after my cat.

  • Vandalism! Hass und Neid! Nah, that was too hammy. - Belfagor

  • I've never BEEN HERE before! Let me show you why I like soccer.Sean Murray I

  • Greetings! Remember: Drink milk, read books and listen to heavy metal! - Imipolex G

  • FIFTEEN?! Yes, another young troper! -Eternal Noob

  • VANDALISM REQUEST DETECTED. FIRING THE ORBITAL VANDALISM CANNON. (On a side note, I was 15 when I first started on this site, so good for you for startin early. Adios, mi amiga! ^^ -Blake Diamond

  • Hope you didn't get banned! You're one of the best people here. -P Down

  • Hi! -Joesolo