Tropers / Leylite

Describe Leylite here.

-A troper from the United States who holds an interest in videogames and stories. He recognizes that tropes are very necessary parts of media and stories, but that Playing with a Trope can be fun and enjoyable if done properly and in context.

-Feel free to discuss random things with me on my discussion page.

Notable Achievements:

  • Owns a Nintendo Entertainment System, and some cartridges for it (Bionic Commando among them)
  • Has played Mega Man and has beaten many of the games in the classic series
  • Created level 83-4 under the username "Maniak" in the infamous platformer N, and only slightly regrets it
  • Is a prolific Deadly Rooms of Death architect under the username "Chaco".
  • Has beaten Jumper and Jumper Two
  • Has solved Sigma-Ethylene and Omega-Pseudoethyne
  • Can explain away his username dissonance across other sites by citing his own unoriginality and reluctance to use dictionary words and references
  • Is a troper
  • Does not suck

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