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Hello, person who is reading this page instead of working on their eight-page essay due in two hours on the long-term effects of using fossil fuels.

My real name is *THUNDERCLAP*.

My handle is clever because I'm a singer note  and it's a play on how my instrument is the larynx. I attend a music college and am currently working on a degree which will catapult me into the growing field of living in a box.

I joined TV Tropes because I wanted to eradicate those thrice-accursed grammatical errors, but now I like to fetch more tropes for neglected work pages, lurk the forums, and respond to Lost and Found posts. Some day I hope to launch a trope; maybe something music-related.

Am currently on a quest to watch everything Neil Patrick Harris has ever acted in. In chronological order. Oh joy, The Nineties, decade I was born in but decade which will forever elude my comprehension...

    Favorite Tropes 

    Works I Like 

    Creators I Pursue 
If a work involves this person, even if their only job in the production is Assistant Donut Fetcher, or if their only part is Infantryman #4, I am honor-bound to watch/read it.

    Tropes I Believe Describe Me 

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