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Howdy! I'm a visual artist who makes sequential art, illustrations, and recently, a few animations in progress on the side whilst I study the making of art in college. That being said, I also like to write stories and songs as hobbies. I also like video games and film, but I don't make either.

If you're curious about my artwork, you can probably get a good idea of what I would LIKE to be doing instead of college art over here... Not that I update it much these days, due to aforementioned college art. Sadly, it's probably not an accurate indicator of skill or output, because I tend to only post a fraction of work up. I'm not that great of an artist, but I'm not that shabby of one, either.

When it comes to writing, I try my best to command Purple Prose and Beige Prose, depending on the context and what's required, but I tend to lean more towards Purple Prose, due to liking to describe everything in absolute detail. (That said, character limits (or word limits) and I do not get along very often. I try to get along with them, though.)

In terms of personal taste, I would say that what I like in media is rather broad. I like the obscure and the mainstream, and I like the cuddly and the horrific. Though, I tend to like darker things.

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