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Wow. People actually click on names?


...huh, guess I should put something down then.

I found TV Tropes through someone referencing the Infinity+1 sword...and since then when I close Firefox I have about 65 or so tabs open. Mostly, I stick around to talk about Girl Genius, the best Steam, just the best, just the best comic in general. Even through I don't play too many Final Fantasy's, I got stuck with the name "Kupo" from various other names on the internet. So combining that with the basic setting of Girl Genius, Kupo Mechanic.

Not to say I'm not here for everything else, and I'll be sure to make plenty of edits on these pages, improving them as I can. This place is incredible, and I've found plenty of amusing webcomics, anime, cartoons, visual novels, and the like through this website.