I'm a trope-obsessed guy from Hungary.

Tropes related to Kugi:

*NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Kugi likes a lot of bands who fall under this category.
*HeavyMetal: Likes almost all forms.
*AirGuitar: Plays this instrument almost all the time.
*CloudCuckooLander: A lighter version.
*JustAStupidAccent: Speaks English with a weird half-developed Hungaro-British accent.
*CoolSword: Has two of them for practicing kung-fu.
*ConvertedFanboy: This troper despised anime until seeing the first episode of ElfenLied; since then he became a regular anime-watcher and "artist".
*NerdsAreVirgins: Averted ;D
*DreadlockRasta: Sporting this at the moment.