Lessee, then.
A child of 1982, although not christened as "Krimsh" until the mid-'90s, when a need arose to find a video-game alter-ego for [=RPGs=] that only allowed six-character user-input names. (Defaults are for the uncreative!)
In Real Life, such as it is, Krimsh is organist, accompanist, composer, author, tour guide, and sometime desk-jockey Mike Cutler of Winnipeg, who is so devoted to wasting his time that he writes third-person biographical articles and acquires music-related degrees and diplomas. As of July 2010, the latest acquisition in the collection is as Associate of the Royal Canadian College of Organists, which came with some fancy scholarships and such, and follows five years after his Bachelor's degree in Music, four years after earning his Associateship diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto in piano performance. That adds up to a lot of letters. ([=A.R.C.T., B. Mus, A.R.C.C.O.=])
Yep, music is his life. Often found composing at his desk while running TVTropes in the background with many, many articles open on separate tabs. When not busy, that is, playing one of many video games.

One day, Krimsh will compose the [=TrOpera=]. With luck, it will be deemed CrowningMusicOfAwesome, and will go on to cement his reputation as a truly, truly bizarre man. In the meantime, his alter egoes can be found at www.organmike.ca (as himself) and at www.necrotania.com (as the Odd Bard Out).