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Oh, hello there.

I wasn't expecting any visitors. But I guess it's just inevitable that this page is found. So might as well fill something in here.

So, my name is Kousoku. It's not my real name, but good enough for now. You can calculate my age from the fact that I was born in 1995 (saves me the time from updating it) and I found T Vtropes about... at the fall of 2011? I can't remember that clear. And I'm from Finland.

Here used to be an advertisement for Modern Day Alchemist to those few who stumble upon this page. It's a post-by-post role playing game. Or was, since the site unfortunately withered away after three years. Rather unfortunate, it was.

Anyhow, although I'm not that new, I've only recently started to add things here. Hopefully it works out.

And as I've read other profiles, I've noticed that applying tropes to oneself seems to be common. Not wanting to stand out, I decided to do so as well (to an extent, of course).

I was a bit unsure about adding the works I'm familiar with here. But then I realized I could use folders....


    Comic Books 
  • Astérix
  • Lucky Luke
  • Nemi
  • The Sandman
  • Spider-Man (From "The Other" to "The Gauntlet". I have read some of the Clone Saga issues as well).
  • Watchmen
  • X-Men (Because the X-men over here releases the storylines in unusual order, I can't say for sure from where to where I've read. The first storyline was about "Danger" awakening and the latest one was the end of "Messiah Complex".



    Live-Action Television 

    Tabletop Game 


     Video Games 

    Visual Novel 

    Web Comic 

    Web Original 

     Western Animation 

Anything I've done around here? Nothing too special, but...

Vandalism/Comments/Whatever name you prefer