Tropers: Koren Steen

"I'm working on my catchphrase...flofloflos"
Koren Steen, trying to be cool.

Koren Steen is a troper currently residing in The Philippines.

Currently lurks on tumblr. Ignored as hell and he hates it. To admit, he's only fairly known but not enough to satisfy him. Hrmh... Is also a fanfic author. As of late, he has not done any much of these things but he'll get back to it when he's done being busy.

After finally getting his troper-editing um...urgeness on, he's been editing pages and making TV Tropes pages for stuff that aren't here yet (usually because they're not popular, underrated or whatever). Beware, for when he edits something, he'd usually edit that edit because he made a mistake (at grammar, a certain fact, etc.) so expect that in the history page, his name has appeared again and again. Again!

Just gonna clean some stuff here now...
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     Contributed works (in chronological order) 
Note: Though I have no rights on the content of these things, I usually edit them correcting and adding stuff constantly. Especially for new pages. Please do edit or add some stuff in them. I can't be right always.

Exemplifying Tropes:

Might edit... flofloflos