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Laconic:A person who is in love with NASA. No, seriously. If NASA was a target of a real life moe anthropomorphism she would put a ring to it. Also have the personally of NASA.

Also known as sevgonlernassau (pronounced "SEVen draGON kilLER NASA) on Wikimedia (due to username policy preventing the use of my trope handle) and Baidu Tieba; Knight of NASA on NaNoWriMo and Alternate History. Don't ask about Gaia.

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Handle: 「Knight of NASA」
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I guess the laconic version isn't so helpful.

In the Real Life, I am a human who has issues that hindered my biological and mental development. So yeah, I am dumber than most people around me, sick ninety-nine percent of the time, and very nearsighted after looking at the sun under a telescope (SEE? I am dumb). When I was very little, my parents' think I am mentally retarded (in the smart people way), but it turns out I am normal. Normal. Yep.

You see, in where I came from, at that time, biologically and mentally inferior is BAD. Very bad. Bad enough that suicides because of it comes in packs and packs each year (now, with introduction of Internet and advancement in science! and common sense, the number dwindle down). My parents pushed me into various classes, from penmanship to violin. Let's say that as of today, my handwriting is rat scratch class and I broke my violin's string far too many times. I am a failure. It is only after we flew across the Atlantic that my parents accept it. It is not saying that I am a failure in life, just that I am biologically and mentally inferior, and there are a lot of people in that state in the history book and(*cough cough*) the Congress. So no, I am not giving up on life.

     Current works that I am following: 
  • Uchuu Kyoudai (My wonderful optimism fuel...)
  • Shingeki No Kyojin
  • Fairy Tail
  • Rainbow Sea (in development hell atm)
  • Kuiba series (see above)
  • Legend of Howie and Landau(also see above....actually, no. The company bankrupted)
  • Happy Town
  • Dan Brown
  • Ao no Exorcist
  • NASA Watch (...annnnnd back to reality. But Keith like flowers)

     To Read List 
  • Missing Man trilogy (on the second book, finished first and third)
  • The NASA Trilogy (picked up the Lovecraftian ones)
  • Dan Brown's next book, no matter how terrible
  • Some random economic books
  • Some random aviation books
  • Calculus for Dummies
  • NASA Sci Files (for nostalgia)
  • Works that bashes NASA (PM me if you got recommendations)

  • Deception Point (God, I was so innocent in fifth grade...also due for a re-read)
  • The Cassandra Project (The writers obviously did not cooperate very well, so many run on toward the end)
  • Missing Man and Tango Midnight (IF YOU HATED NASA SO MUCH, WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE?)
  • The NASA Trilogy (The first page of Titan I read was the last page)
  • Richard C. Hoagland's Dark Mission (What I learn: Isis and Osiris have more badass names: Aset and Aseres!)
  • Capricorn One (I want that random guy's blue NASA tuxedo...)
  • NASA Watch (Keith Cowing is optimist and slightly, only *slightly*, anti-NASA)
  • A random website that bashes Keith Cowing for been only *slightly* anti-NASA, calling him a war criminal sympathizer
  • Orphans of Apollo (Still think Tom Cruise should get a better name)
  • Cato Institution. LOL.

Contrary to what my handle might implied, I don't have a blue passport that allowed me to submit a resume to NASA...yet. In fact, I have a red passport that bans me from entering any of the NASA facilities, especially after someone in Congress made some racist remarks (that shall not be named, but if you are American and paid attention to the news, you might have heard of him). Did not prevent me from getting a handshake from Pete Worden. *evil smirk* And that picture is in the vast NASA database too!

\*hold hand above heart* I hereby swear to This Very Wiki and the Smithsonian Twitter Archive and S. Pete Worden that I shall try my best to get my arse into NASA as a civil servant and shall never give up spamming resume until I do and never leave the agency no matter how terrible it is until it cease to exist in the entire multiverse.

Where Did The Name Came From?

One day, bored and want to torture myself, I did a search for "abolish NASA". After about n-pages later, and very late at night, I found an article criticizing Daniel Goldin!NASA. The person the writer quote said "we live in a world without NASA" or something similar and Ao E'ed all geekdom by stating that we treat NASA like a GOD. Which isn't far out of reality not just in U.S, but around the world, especially in youngsters from where I came from that knows nothing about the whole Capitalism vs. Communism thing.

The next day, I thought about a world without NASA. Let's see—the Allies might not be able to win World War I, depends on how strong the British Navy is without all the U.S. support. Prussia might still exist. Adolf Hitler might not hate the Allies and start the World War II. U.S. might not become a super power. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics might become a technological giant. We might be using a mobile telegraph (didn't research history very well when I thought about it, but admit it, it is kinda cool, right?). That's a picky nail there.

The next next day, I drowned myself in Gaia Online's zOMG, get myself in a DMS crew, and went ass-kicking. Except the crew was boring. So very briefly, I present myself as the priest of my alter ego. My crewmates' responses were "NASA is a church?". Me: "I wish it was, so it will have more money than 17.8 billion".

I need something more badass (and more politically correct). So how about...Knight of NASA?

A few months later, I spotted "church of NASA" in Missing Man by Michael Cassutt.

TL;DR: someone forgot to wrote in the "Get Known" form that you could introduce space by capitalizing.

Quote Box

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it."
Evelyn Beatrice Hall

"For the benefit of all!"
NASA's motto, exclamation mark added for effect

"Ad Astra Per Aspera"
Source unknown, also a Latin alternate motto for NASA

"Failure is not an option"
Cute mook villains from a variety of works

"We continued our budget meetings. Itís obvious that the space shuttle is just a contrivance to keep NASA alive, and that no real need for the space shuttle was determined before the massive construction program was initiated."
Jimmy Carter in his diary.

"The horror! The horror!"
"I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues."
"Dear NASA, Happy Birthday! To Celebrate, We're Shutting You Down. Love, Congress"
The Atlantic

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis"
John F. Kennedy paraphrased. Just a few decades and a few million lives lost late...

" Your [Spot the Station] alert info will be consumed by reentry in 30 days."

"The model-airplane club, the Brain Busters, was founded in 1942. I did find some articles in the ďAir ScoopĒ about the club and one of the boys that won a competition for his model and in the next issue had died in a plane crash on Motherís Day going home up north. Ironic the plane ran out of gas."
Caption of a black and white image on NASA CRGIS.

Bottom Line

If you are from my school, I am the person who wrote CCDev as the successor to STS instead of the official CxP/SLS in the school yearbook. Because privatize is the way to go, CCDev is how Obama and Charlie Bolden see as the ultimate successor to STS, not because I want to glorify NASA.
I shall come back a few years later and be amuse by how stupid I was today. Hopefully I didn't violate my oath by then.
Although I wanted to, I don't have National Aeronautics and Space Act under my pillow. Nor the Naval Appropriation Act of 1915 (so thank Germany for the creation of NASA).
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