Tropers / Keirei

"The diffrence bewteen a brave hero and a foolish hero is that a brave hero knows he may lose, and he will use all his powers to change that fact, while a foolish hero pointlessly sacirfices himself."
— Keirei
Hey guys, if you guys actually check my page, you might have noticed that everything had changed. My choice. So, what goes on in my life? Well...

October of 2010 kicked out of my highschool becuase of a threatning message. Now going to new school.

Currecntly single, and a bit nerdy. I'm a regular on Gaiaonline. My handle is Ryonara. Currently 15. Interest: Role Playing, Dragon Age, Soul Calibur, Tv tropes, karate, manga, and some others that I can't think up at the top of my head.

Wish list: Maxwell's notebook. Ah Yeaha.