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His legend begins in the 20th century!

No. Cut that out.

Okay, readers Digest version: Keg is boring.

No, really. That wasn't self-depreciation. He works, plays video games, and watches cartoons. That's it.

What, you're still here? Fine.

Keg is an aspiring game designer living in the english part of the french part of Canada, and dabbles in making comics and the odd piece of writing. Someday he might open his own video game company, or maybe not. For the time being, he's a busy college student who talks about video games, watches cartoons, and spends waaaaaay too much time on TV Tropes. He's also spread that last nasty little habit to more than a few people.

He's a pretty nice guy, until you get to know him. Well, aside from the scowl, but that's just how his face is. Get past that, and he's a Deadpan Snarker with a penchant for Purple Prose, Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, and obscure references - if you're lucky, you might just hear a combination of the three.

Feel free to vandalize and steal my wallet.

  • Wallet theft? Why, I would never stoop to such a... Oooh, I don't have an orange one yet... -Muramasan13
  • I'm not a game designer by education or profession, but I make my own amateur study of it. So from one game designer to another. *nod* — Madass Alex
    • *nod*
  • Working to get my foot into the gaming industry in some way, so I can relate there at the least. Brohoof! — Nomuru2d
    • Brohoof returned!
  • Um...Hello? Mister Kegisak? Hello? -Pipsqueak
    • Heyo, kiddo!
  • Seems like I've found the first troper who delves into Purple Prose. Everything lookin' well here? NES
  • What if I tell you that I stole everything except your wallet? — Uilleam