Just one of the many crazy Tropers. Hasn't done much yet, beyond a few minor edits, but is determined to create a page for a VisualNovel he's been playing lately.

Gamer, {{Anime}} geek, {{Manga}} fanboy, overall Japanophile, wannabe Tabletop RPGamer. Oh, and Biology Student. But who cares for academics?

Tropes that aply to Kayeka;
* BlindIdiotTranslation: Well, Excuuuuuse me for not being a native English speaker.
* BrilliantButLazy: Actually described as such by his high school chemistry teacher.
* ForgetsToEat: Lost 4 kilos ever since leaving home. Current weight:54,5 kilos. Current height: 183 centimeters.
* FreestateAmsterdam: Current homebase
* FunWithAcronyms: His real full name is Koenraad Johannes Kamphorst. This can be shortened to KJK, which sounds as Kayeka when pronounched by Dutch. Has the added bonus of sounding [[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign more Japanese]].
* {{Hikikomori}}: Is one. Hates it.
* HumansAreBastards: The reasons why he believes this is listed on the TroperTales page for FamilyUnfriendlyAesop. Has more to do with him being a biology student then actually thinking that humans are evil.
* {{Otaku}}: Beyond the 'saw something cool on Adult Swim' fase, but still before 'Speaks Japanese fluently'. Working on it, though.
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: A bit extreme in averting this. Hated TwilightPrincess for not doing anything groundbreaking.
* TVTropesWillRuinYourLife: He spend many, many hours on this site, sometimes missing a full night of sleep on weekdays.
* VerbalTic: Can and will use brackets (whenever possible)
* {{Wangst}}: Guilty of acting like this whenever the mood strikes. Shouldn't do that.

Game(s)(Franchises) he enjoys:
* {{Disgaea}}
* EliteBeatAgents
* EtrianOdyssey
* FireEmblem
* HarvestMoon (Don't give me that look)
* LittleKingsStory
* {{Madworld}} (Jack, Jack, He's a psychomaniac!)
* {{Metroid}}
* NoMoreHeroes
* {{Okami}}
* SuperMarioBros.
* SuperSmashBros.
* TheLegendOfZelda (One o the few people who though TheWindWaker was the best in series.
* TheWorldEndsWithYou (SquareEnix and Jupiter, PLEASE stop producing more Final Fantasy games, and start on a {{Sequel}} or SpiritualSuccessor for this one. kbthx)

{{Manga}} he enjoys:
* {{Eden}}
* {{Gimmick}}
* GoodEnding (hmm, not 0ctually a page of it's own. Should work on that)
* {{Hellsing}}
* {{Ikigami}}
* SayHelloToBlackJack (No page here either)
* NightmareInspector
* TheRecordOfAFallenVampire
* TwentiethCenturyBoys
* UntilDeathDoUsPart

Stuff he is currently watching/playing/reading/whatevering:
* {{Disgaea}}DS (Game)
* HourglassOfSummer (VisualNovel mentioned before)
* MetroidPrime 3 (Game)
* MuramasaTheDemonBlade (Game)
* NewSuperMarioBrosWii (Game)
* NightmareInspector ({{Manga}})
* NoMoreHeroes (Game, yes I play a lot of those at once)
* TheSacredBlacksmith ({{Anime}})
* TwentiethCenturyBoys ({{Manga}})

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Thank you very much for a most stimulating debate :)--Rbx5

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