Tropers / Kasu

Stay classy, TV Tropes.

"Describe Kasu here." Are you SURE you want me to?

A Lurker, occasional contributor, usually unseen. Don't expect much, unless you see his name around the Troper Tales pages.

Reads: XKCD, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Questionable Content, and some other webcomics.

Oh yeah, also a rabid watcher of all things from That Guy with the Glasses.

Can be found on IRC if you know where to look.

Has recently joined Livejournal under the guise of roleplaying, having been enabled by a good friend of his. (Current home is Ink City, playing Mordecai from Regular Show.)

Examples that apply to this troper who is going to write it in the first person now ok thanks bye.

Articles I've created/helped edit:

  • Ink City and everything relating to it.
  • Critical Hit
  • This page!
  • oh my but this list is lonely. Let's work on that.