Tropers / KB Karma

Hello thar! My name's KB. I was sent here by an English/Psychology student. I myself am a Computer Science student.

I'm an serious geek, with a penchant for comics & manga, sci-fi & fantasy novels, gaming of all types (though I'm no good with dual analogs), anime & cartoons, and rock, both classic and heavy. I also occasionally put fingers to keyboard and write poems, short stories set in the Dn D Planescape setting, and reviews.

I've done a fair amount of minor editting. I'm also the creator of the Dark Reign and Shoggoth on the Roof articles.

I am a

You can find me pretty much everywhere on the web. Here are my most prominent locations:
  • deviantArt (poetry and prose and photos; haven't used it in a while)
  • Tumblr (random links)
  • Twitter (random musings under 140 characters)
  • Anime-Planet (the anime and manga I've watched or read)