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I live in the The United States of America, but spend more time in the World Wide Web than any other location. I am not a fan of politics, religious organizations, or work pages in Main that look like tropes. I am a fan of meta±physics, reality, and more works than I remember.

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"...when the Buddha speaks of particles of dust, it does not mean I am thinking of any definite or arbitrary thought, I am merely using these words as a figure of speech. They are not real, only illusion. It is just the same with the word universe; these words do not assert any definite or arbitrary idea, I am only using the words as words."


I will not harm you 10
20 Nor by inaction allow you to come to harm
30 So long as we both shall live

10 I will not harm you 10
20 Nor by inaction allow you to come to harm
30 So long as we both shall live

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Image pickin' duds: Wall of Granite
Uru 1, Uru 2, Uru 3 V&L 1 V&L 2 AW_1 AW_2 MMX dead zero MMX vile

Image pickin' duds: Tiffany Lamp
SF port, AC2, AVP chess, AVP pool, webmap D in P gravedigger HF crypt Tick's tie W.I.R. Kano Death Stars JP2 gonner KtMD knife MKvsDC gotham
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