Jomar is a [[MostTropersAreYoungNerds young, nerdy]], [[MostGamersAreMale male]], contributor to the wiki. His favorite form of entertainment is VideoGames, but he also enjoys {{Film}}, {{Anime}}, WesternAnimation, {{Webcomics}}, {{Literature}}, and more. His favorite work listed on this wiki is ''{{Xenogears}}''.

Jomar has contributed to the making of ''ModernDayScenarioII'', providing many of the countries' ministers and starting policy positions.


Jomar has made the pages for

* DramaticUnmask
* QuoVadis
* UsefulNotes/PoliticalIdeologies
* UsefulNotes/PersiansWithPistols

[[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife Works discovered through TVTropes]]

* BelisariusSeries
* EurekaSeven
* MalekKhorshid
* RahXephon
* TheShahnameh
* {{Toradora}}