A random contributor from the City of Steel (Pittsburgh). Most of his work here consists of stupid metafiction gags and self-deprecating humor. He is also [[BlatantLies a pathological liar]].

One thing which you can take as true, however, is the existence of my writing site, ''[[http://linguankery.com Linguankery]]''. It's currently featuring two novels, ''ACivicsLesson'' and ''Frangible Time'', the latter of which is being serialized as we speak. (And yes, I'm showing enormous restraint in not being an EntryPimp about it simply because I dislike spam just as much as you do. The TroperWorks page was difficult enough for me to do.)

In terms of pages I've launched or had a significant contribution to:
* ''{{Klonoa}}''
* TechTV
* ''RiskySafety''
* [[{{TroperTales/GallowsHumor}} Gallows Humor Troper Tales]]
* [[{{TroperTales/CollegeRadio}} The Big(?) TV Tropes College Radio List]]