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Hello there! I knew you would come eventually! ^_^

This troper, originally from New York, and has been a regular troper since 2009, loves video games, anime, justice, and the ladies! Among some of my hobbies are video games, cooking, housework, fortune telling, black magic, and can do a mean Evil Laugh {just for fun}.

Questions, comments, etc? Please feel free to contribute to this page! Any suggestions would be welcome! Leave your troper name as well, because you're contributions are special to me! ^_^ Tumblr: Facebook: Joey Ruben Colon.
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  • WAY too much to list here ^_^

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  • Brooklyn here; you? — Kino
    • Yes. Born and raised ^_^
  • Excellent work on the page, my friend. Not a lot of uber detailed Troper pages. Gives me inpsiration to fix mine up. - Warrior of Light
    • Thank you. ^_^
  • Awesome page. I swear you are a male version of me. - Horror Girl Lucy
    • Thanks. I saw your page! We are kindred spirits! :)
  • I know we've never talked EVER, but surfing the Contributer Pages is addictive. I don't usually like guys, but you seem alright. :) Keep on rockin' :) Bottlerose
    • Thank you very much, that's very kind of you. ^_^
  • Hello, older me. If you changed your birthplace to Brooklyn and your race to [SPECIFY RACE HERE] with your time machine. You even like Disraeli!
    • Amazing! :) We need to activate our Wonder Twin powers! :D