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Hello all.

  • I live in Mesa, Arizona, I was born on April 20th 1991, I am a big video game addict, I watch a lot of TV. As you can probably tell from my name on here, my IRL name is Joe.
  • I am a big enough nerd to spend hours on here just looking at crap. And I have made a few edits on here. My biggest contribution is creating the Battlebots and Robot Arena page.
  • I graduated from McClintock High School in Tempe Arizona on May 21st 2009, and I am currently working on getting a Criminal Justice Degree at ITT Tech.
  • I also like to go on GameFAQs, Facebook, Myspace [although not as much as Facebook], Cracked, Hulu, Games Radar, Kotaku, and YouTube.

Favorite Video Games: And many many more

Favorite TV Shows: And many more

Favorite Movies: And many more.

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