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Jketchum31 is a pretty cool girl. seh spens wey to much tiem on pokemonz and doesn't afraid of carpal tunnel.

I (am I supposed to refer to myself here?) am a college student, fanfiction writer, and lover of media. I have a soft spot for sci-fi, especially "classics," cult stuff, and children's shows. I'm an English major. If the screenname doesn't make it pretty clear, I like to apply very broad, archetypical concepts to stuff that seems shallow and consumer-oriented. I really find Messianic archetypes and concepts interesting. Um... I also have no idea what I'm doing. Which was probably obvious from the moment I said "college student," but I digress :p

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Important Note: I lost my password and reregistered.. got known again... whatever. I don't know how this will affect anything, because I don't understand wikis at all. But I'm the same person. The fixation on Pokemon, Sonic, and Power Rangers probably makes that obvious.