Tropers / Jiffo

I decided to become a contributor upon noticing how many of the things I hold dear, particularly things that had a great influence on me during my 90's childhood, have quite scanty pages due to being niche, British, or niece even in Britain. Particularly, I'm very fond of childrens' literature published between the 1900s to 1950; I read a great deal of it as a child, and I still do now. I don't think it's done me any harm. Well, aside from my ginger beer addiction. And my habit of shouting "Oh, lor'!". And my fondness for locking people in cupboards. Ahem. Particular favourites include: Billy Bunter (my biggest contribution to TV Tropes), Enid Blyton, Just William and plenty of others that don't yet have their own tropes page.

I've also added quite a bit to various things I loved as a wee girl and now view in a golden haze of rose-tinted nostalgia, especially: Digimon, Sonic the Comic, WesternAnimation.Sonic The Hedgehog, X-Men: Evolution, Puyo Puyo, Castlevania, Dragon Ball Z.

As an adult, most of the things I like don't trope well: pre-1950's humour novels, Arthurian legend, poetry, pinball and internet nonsense. I'm also very interested in femisism, LGBT issues, gender issues, genderqueer and genderfuck, and so on.

Generally, my approach to media is very character-focused. If there isn't a character that really interests me, then all the imagery and storytelling in the world won't keep my attention after the credits roll. I also can't think of one case where the character that made me love a series was a protagonist.