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"Well, you're here. Come, sit down—NOT ON THE FINE LINENS! I JUST CLEANED THOSE!!! *frantically begins cleaning the velvet chair* "Sit in the wood chair if you have to!" -the person terrified-ly steps back before I stop him- "DON'T STAND THERE!!! MY FINE CARPET!!!" -points to the wood chair- "CHAIR!" "Well, you see, I'm here for a photo—" "Photo...PHOTO?! NO ONE DARES TAKE A PICTURE OF ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!" "But I—" "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! THIS IS MY HOUSE, HERE!!! MINE!!!" "Uh...Mrs. Foster, are you okay?" "Yes...I'm okay...please, sit down in that chair there...I'm sorry for my earlier outburst..."

"Um, do you mind if I ask why you have an obsession with your house?" "It's all I have. You see, I did have friends, a boyfriend, and was the prettiest girl you could see...I was accepted and loved by a community of people, and then they shunned me like I was trash...they didn't care about me, and neither will you! NOW GO!!!"

"When the road looks rough ahead...and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed..."

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