Tropers / Javer

A troper from California. Long-time reader, middling-time editor, first-time contributor. (At least in title.) So far, I've done most of my meager editing work in articles on video games such as Silent Hill and Brave Fencer Musashi, as well as in a sprinkling of miscellaneous tropes. I enjoy reading and rereading the Game-Breaker, Disc-One Nuke and Useless Useful Spell pages. Used to stick to I Am Not Making This Up, until that got nixed.

A Homestuck fan. (Who isn't, at this point.) When I started following Andrew Hussie's works, way back before the dawn of MS Paint Adventures with Jailbreak, I actually thought he'd wind up being kind of obscure forever in the webcomics community. It's nice to be wrong.

Interested in philosophy.