Tropers / J Severe

What do kids call it these days? Ah, yes. Tropers. You know, one of those folks who edit stuff on this website called TV Tropers. Boy, am I proud to be one of TheContributors. Huh? Oh, maybe I should introduce myself.

My name is J. Severe. Just because my last name is Severe doesn't mean I'm sure to inflict severe pain... at least not most of the time. I'm imaginative, I'm cool...

... and I can be funny!

... and I'll be editing here for all that is good!

  • ... or in your case, bad.
  • If you say something one more time...
  • Something.
  • >_>

Heck, I even have a Website!

  • ... which probably sucks.
  • No it doesn't!
  • What's the point of it anyway?
  • It's, uh... a place where I post stories and artwork and stuff.
  • And does anyone see it?
  • Ah, y'know, some visitors come on and see it every now and then.
  • And it's a wiki? Like TV Tropes?
  • Well, not exactly the sa—
  • You wanna get sued, fool?!
  • How would I get sued for —?!
  • Digital piracy is evil, man! Digital piracy is evil!
  • What does digital —?! N-never mind...

You might even catch me typing up a story or posting artwork!

  • With much amounts of blood.
  • I don't put blood in my stories or pictures.
  • Yes, you do. You're emo.
  • I'm not emo.
  • Don't run away from the truth.
  • What truth?
  • That you are fascinated in blood and violence.
  • What...?!
  • You probably think violence is the only option, but it's not...
  • V_V

And I have quite the fondness for cartoons, such as SpongeBob, Phineas and Ferb, and The Simpsons.

  • So in short, you like shows about living kitchen sponges, kids who do nonsensical things, and yellow-skinned freaks.
  • Why do you make it sounds so bad!
  • Because they are messed up. The world is messed up.
  • You're messed up!
  • How so?
  • You are...! Ugh!
  • Exactly my point.

As well, as of lately, there is some guy always wanting to get on my nerves!

  • Hi, Mom!

More will be added at a later time...