Tropers / J Mc Afreak

Well, hi! I'm JMcAfreak! (I'm going to work on getting the title up there changed when I remember it... or when it's convenient).

If you're here thinking this is some weird trope, you're sadly mistaken.

I've been a Troper for much longer than it seems - there's an old, unused account floating around somewhere. I've been browsing (read: getting lost in) the many, many pages of TV Tropes. There was a time when I thought I'd found enough of them that I wouldn't have tab explosions anymore. Turns out I just hadn't looked hard enough. All I had to do was view one different trope, and it shot me off into a whole new set I hadn't even seen.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm working on a book. Said book turns out to contain a lot more tropes than I'm willing to admit. Trust me, it's all accidental. I hope to get this book published sometime, but I haven't finished it yet (hence "working on").

I'm fairly bored and manic at the time of this writing. When I'm manic, I tend to say a lot. The problem is that when I'm bored, that stuff I say and write gets rather dull. I'll stop bothering you now (of course, if you're still reading this, you're really only torturing yourself).

And yes, this page will get a pretty dang good rewrite eventually. This doesn't even come close to my usual style! In fact, I probably would have better matched my style by trying to write a depressing, melancholy love poem; it probably would have turned into some witty bio. Instead, you got this boring old thing, staring you straight in the face (as much as something without eyes can stare, of course).

Ok, I'm stopping now.