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The troper formerly known as Agent Nomnom Jayden. I reinvented myself, just like Prince! I feel like a new troper now, it's like I had handle reassignment surgery and found my true self.

I'd rather not go into too much detail about what I'm like: I prefer to let my words and actions on the fora and the IRC channel speak for themselves, for better and for worse. But for content, let's just say that I am an individual who always finds a moment in their busy schedule to sit down and [[ASpotOfTea have a nice cup of tea]], holds a soft spot for the {{horror}} genre and elements of it, and ''really'' enjoys a good, hard MindScrew. I'm also a ''huge'' film buff and a bookworm to boot.

Feel free to leave your mark at the bottom of this page. Especially if you're witty. If you're not witty, I'll go "harumph", adjust my monocle, and take a sip of my gross Earl Grey tea while scornfully shaking my head at the idiocy of the masses. You don't want that, now, do you?

That's my somewhat inaccurate avatar/custom title archive over there [+→+]
[[folder:My contributions to the troper society]]

* BeautifulDreamer
* InfernalParadise
* NowLetMeCarryYou

!!Pages describing works
* ''GingerSnaps''
* ''{{Phantasmagoria}}''
* ''MemoriesOfMatsuko''
* ''{{Phenomena}}''

!!Pages describing people
* BatForLashes
* UtadaHikaru

!!Character sheets
* [[{{Characters/Siren}} Siren]]


[[folder:My signature archive]]

''[[http://tinyurl.com/39gkyg5 "I watch Sherlock deducing and I JIZZ. IN. MY PANTS."]]''

''"Summer in the City\\
means cleavage, cleavage, cleavage,\\
and I start to miss you, baby, sometimes."''

''"Got ourselves a serial killer! Love those -- always something to look forward to!"''

[[folder:The valley of emoticons]]

(´∀`) (・∀・) (゚∀゚) (´∇`) (´ー`)y-~~

( つ Д ;) (・A・) (゚д゚)

ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ щ(゚Д゚щ)


!!Tropes slapped on me by other tropers.
* {{GIRL}} (inverted)
* IHaveManyNames
* WorthyOpponent and VitriolicBestBuds: To @/{{Shlapintogan}}

!!This space reserved for vandalism. Do your best or your worst, whichever is more interesting.
* First! [=* hug* =] --@/{{Blackmoon}}
* Second![[note]]But first alphabetically.[[/note]] * offers coffee* --@/{{Bisected8}}
* Third![[note]]Alphabetically, I'm also third![[/note]] * gives seat and a menu* --@/{{jcruz}}
* Fourth! [[note]]Fourth Alphabetically[[/note]] * [[spoiler:Calls you Nomnom]] * --@/{{Shlapintogan}}
* Fifth! * has nothing interesting to say* --@/TheJackal
* [[ComboBreaker HERE'S YOUR COMBO BREAKER.]] --Tropers/AnonymousUser
** Thanks, you're a doll. Here, have a biscuit. --I. Adams
* Here's to one of my favorite people on the fora and a fellow ReginaSpektor fan. - {{Tropers/Krrackknut}}
** Cheers, kiddo, I'm very fond of you too. --I. Adams
* Wow, so you must be one of the other infinitesimal fraction of people who have also played ''{{Siren}}''! :D I admire your passion in the SatoshiKon remembrance thread as well :P Anyway, cheers. -- {{Tropers/Rbx5}}
** Not only that, I belong in that next-to-non-existent fraction of Western gamers who actually loved that GuideDangIt of a game. We're a rare breed indeed. --I. Adams
* [[BlatantLies First!]] I/we have stolen elements of your page formatting for my/our own nefarious purposes. (Also, we must talk about horror and mindscrew some time!) Thank you for being memorable - {{Tropers/Noaqiyeum}}
* [[AC:Wild @/{{OZBOURNE}} appears! Wild OZBOURNE used VANDALIZE! It's super effective!]]
* I'm here for comedic purposes. Oh look! Is this a clue? - @/{{WUE}}
* Thanks for vandalizing c: Your icon collection here isn't half bad either c| - {{Tropers/SmandyDandy}}
* Watson is not gay! --@/SeanMurrayI
** I know! That's why the notion is preposterous! --I. Adams
* A fellow horror fan! So, do you like the blood and gore fueled films, or just the mind screwy ones? - {{Tropers/rifflet}}
** I prefer to stay away from films that veer into downright {{Gorn}} territory, but I don't mind blood and gore in moderate amounts. I usually find mind screws and psychological horror more interesting though. --I. Adams
* It would be improper for me to leave this page with just one vandalism, so... [ahem]: HAY IRONY, HOW ''THE HELL'' ARE YOU? I BET YOU'RE STILL CATCHING ALL MANNER OF PANSY DISEASES, LIKE THE COLD OR SOMETHING. Y'KNOW WHAT I CAUGHT THE OTHER DAY? [[ExceptNotReallyButYouShouldKnowImJustDickingWithYou FUCKING DYSENTERY.]] AND THEN I ''WALKED TO OREGON''. YEAH. WELL YOU JUST KEEP BEING ALL MADE OF FRAILTY AND FAIL AND I'LL BE OVER HERE BEING MADE OF MANLINESS. [[spoiler: Just kidding <3]] --[[@/{{Shlapintogan}} You know who, don't even pretend that you don't.]]
* What is this supposed to be? --> ( つ Д ;) Also,shigeRU [=MIyaMOTOOH=] ! {{Tropers/Nohaynicklibre}}
* First, didn't know you were a reinvention of Jayden until just now. Cool! Second, miss ya! Come back to IRC sometime! -- @/TParadox