Tropers / Iris Rei

An odd troper from Southern California. She insists that not only has TV Tropes enriched her life, it has gotten her better grades in school as well as convincing her to stop lurking around and finally become a troper. Her hobbies include trying to sing so much that her brain suffers a music overload, playing freeware games that creep her out (even though she'll always insist afterwards she wasn't scared at all), lurking on YouTube, and weirding her friends out. Approach with caution.

Despite her weirdness, she's actually a nice person. Don't worry about it too much.

If you didn't understand much of the above, you have basically gotten the gist of Iris Rei's character.

This troper provides examples of:

  • Afraid of Blood: Despite being a Nightmare Fetishist, the sight of blood in real life makes her sick to her stomach.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: And proud of it.
  • Huge Schoolgirl
  • Meganekko
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Enjoys horror in general, to the point of still getting scared but being unable to look away.
  • Yangire: Perhaps not physically violent, but used to snap from being very sweet to very... nasty. Often.