* Sex: Male
* Age: 22
* Nationality: Dutch, prone to MisplacedNationalism
* Study: English
* Hometown: Leiden
* Fun times: An international year in Ireland, Chanology, switching to a ResMA.
* Musical tastes: Powerpop, skapunk, punkrock, symphonic metal, D&B, OverclockedRemixes
* Vidya tastes: Freeware RPGs, Warcraft3, most Ninty franchises
* Animu tastes: OnePiece, generic self-referential HaremAnime du jour
* TG: Munchkin, I've Never
* Likes: Foodstuffs, gossip, puns, tailoring appearance in front of mirror, abuse of privilege for insensitive jokes
* Dislikes: BAWWWing, StopHavingFunGuys

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