Tropers / Indigo Book

A California-dwelling aspiring author who may actually finish something, someday. Usually gets three chapters into any novel before becoming distracted; writes more with encouragement, sometimes. She is a storehouse of random facts, but most are not useful anywhere. Her main purpose on TV Tropes seems to be the correction of typos, and enjoyment of the fact that so many things she hates (and loves) to see in writing have been given names.

She both reads and writes lots of fantasy, working within one of two worlds which she will gladly ramble about if given the chance. Everything she says is tangential to something, including this. People think she's funny, and sometimes they're even right, although they have the strangest ideas about her purity of thought. If you stand too close to her, she may begin recommending books at high speed.

If you mention Matthew Swift in front of her, she will probably squeal.