A cool girl from Osaka.

* [[spoiler: BiTheWay]]
* {{Engrish}}: Nationality problem.
* LuminescentBlush: Invoked in many of her characters, and probably pretty accurate in real life.
* RougeAnglesOfSatin: Due to her being Japanese, she's unable to remember the different spellings in English.
* ShippingGoggles: She has her own wall. Just don't ask about it.
* SpearCounterpart: Etheru is possibly one to her... Or is it the other way around?


Definately one of the best people to talk to. Unless you want to talk about inappropriate stuff, of course. ~{{@/Hydronix}}

One of my favourite people ever, Love you! {{@/ShiningKnight}}

Seriously, be her friend, she's awesome. ~{{@/Etheru}}

''Best. Girl. Ever.'' ~{{@/Mister Awesome}}

So awesome! Don't give up! ~{{@/Rhyme Beat}}

Sweet, yet serious. It works out. ~ {{@/arcadiarika}}

I can guarantee that your English is better than my Japanese. Don't worry about it; just keep learning! ~{{@/Specialist290}}

Glad to have you in the RP. :) Gotta say, I initially had no idea you were a non-native English speaker. I hope to be able to speak a foreign language as fluently as you one day. Stay awesome. :D -@/MobileLeprechaun